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Exit Plan

One day, my friend asked me something that is not easy to be answered,

"Do you want to marry a man who doesn't really love you but ready to spend the whole life with you?"

And I answered...

"For me, marriage is an exit plan of my whole family life, and I won't start marriage without love from my spouse. Like... I don't want to start a thing that should be fulfilled with love, without love as foundation of everything. I still believe that love can do so much things. So yeah, the answer is NO, I'd rather wait for another person who really love me than spending my whole life to a person who doesn't love me."

And I was surprised with my answer. But yeah, thats true.

I believe that every family is somehow broken, some are in damage, so does my family. Since my dad left this whole world, the only person whom I can count as family is my mother, the only reason of my existence. Having my own family is something that I’ve been waiting for and also my exit plan of this broken or damage family life that I had now. And love is the glue, something that connect people. I wish that whenever my future family at the broken or damage state, I know that love is the only thing that can save the family, save the people.

Well at least until now, this is what I got. What do you think, though?


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