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Most Important Event

Earlier this morning I did my final test on TOEFL iBT Preparation Course, and the writing section asked me to write one of the most important events have taken place in last 100 years in less than 300 words only in 30 minutes. So this is what I wrote.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know that there are lot of important events that happened in last 100 years, but I believe that my graduation (February 19th, 2017) and Hippocratic Oath (April 13th, 2017) are the most important events in my last 23 years of life. Because they are my life turning point to whoever I became now.
Before I officialy graduated, I have 3 free months after my clinical year ended on November. I prepared for my graduation, my national examination and also did contemplation about my future. I took a long period to think and decide my next plans, whether to work as a medical doctor at a hospital, to take graduate school, or to take internship …