Monday, December 26, 2016

Biggest Success in My Life

  • (the original post is on my instagram here)
  • few days ago, I watched a video on youtube about an LPDP awardee (student who got scolarship from the government to study aboard). then I found that one of the requirement is to make three essays. and one of the essay is about 'Sukses Terbesar Dalam Hidup' or your biggest success in your life.
  • but then I found that I've jumped a lot in my life. from one opportunity to another. from writinv competition at youth magazine to an english debate competition at my city. I already built myself into a young woman but not yet a lady. I tried so hard to always keep my dream alive. I pushed myself so hard to do many things in my life. I gathered with so much people and learn a lot from them. I woke up everyday with a dream and willingness to achieve more and more than what I've got. and I always try to be a good person, to give purpose to my surrounding.
  • but I started to think about my achievments throughout my life. from elementary, junior and senior high school, until my college life. I know I'm not a smart or great student, I'm just an average student who want to achieve my goals, make good grade, pass the tests, finish study with GPA >3.00 because I want to take postgraduate study, and make my momma proud. okay I'm that ordinary, haha.
  • after that, I started to think... what is my biggest success in my life? haha I can't figure it out actually. you know that I'm still tooooooo faaaaaar a waaaaay from success, and my definition of success keeps changing everyday, so... I don't think I know what's my biggest success.
  • and then I found one thing for sure... that I believe would be my biggest success in my life is... I always and always success to beat myself, my hesitate, my laziness, my bad thinking, my worries, my drama, and my weakness. I woke up everyday at early morning, I can beat my sleepiness. I challenge myself a lot to be more than what I got, I tried many things in one time even I know I'm not gonna through them. I passed my surgery and pediatric rotation that seems totally impossible to be done. I keep building my new dream everyday. I can beat my brother's hesitate about living in Jakarta. I can show the world that I survived. that's totally my biggest success.
  • because my definition of success keeps changing everyday, but my biggest success in my life is always there... so this is just a reminder, whenever you feel you're upset or at your lowest position in your life, you have to think that you have your own success, you already earned many things. so why don't you move your ass and make another milestone to your success life?