Best Random Questions

So, I just found a nice link. It is 'Best 40 random questions you can ever ask someone', click here to see the questions and these are my answers. (I answered these on Friday, January 22nd 2016)
  1. The second, that I do not love them back.
  2. Studying?
  3. Yes, because I can do CPR.
  4. Waiting.
  5. A car, because I just want to have one.
  6. Yes I like, because it tastes good on my tongue.
  7.  Nope.
  8. My maid, her name is Mbak Mar.
  9. I usually right on time, sometime I come early.
  10. Yes I am.
  11. Love, because I need one.
  12. I can’t figure what’s my favorite book, magazine, or comic. But I read my agenda everyday and I bring it everywhere I go.
  13. My mom, because she is just too unreal to be true.
  14. My bachelor degree, it’s Annisa Zakiroh, S.Ked.
  15. My mom got really angry to me then she hit me with a hanger several times. No it’s not the pain that made it the worst punishment, but the fact she was so angry back then.
  16. Not really.
  17. Rainy days because I never know how snowy winter days going on.
  18. Leaf, water, and mountain.
  19. Doctor, because it’s freaking hard to be one. And an author because I just want to be one.
  20. Letting go my first love, “Nobody said it was easy” said Coldplay.
  21. To my self, just now, because I’m just too lazy.
  22. I actually can’t tell, but maybe it’s related with my way of dating.
  23. Wasted. You know the reason.
  24. Watch movie and read a book.
  25. Eyebrow, because I can read the whole character of a person by analyzing his/her eyebrow.
  26. Brain, because it’s the only part that matter.
  27. Lying to myself over and over again, maybe?
  28. I want to give my mom a time of peace. I want her to quit her job soon, pay her for a living, making her dreams come true, bring her to Mecca, fulfilled everything she want, make her proud of me. Okay those are my wishes.
  29. I don’t have any.
  30. It’s a single bed, just like the owner.
  31. It’s “How Long Will I Love You” from “About Time” movie, sung by Ellie Goulding.
  32. 0702.
  33. Energen vanilla with Richeese Nabati wafer.
  34. First, it has to be male singer. I’ll go with Coldplay, Ronan Keating, and Barasuara.
  35. Live with my mom, I just can’t wait.
  36. Bakso, Nasi Goreng, Carbonara fettucini, Steak, Sambal terasi bawang.
  37. His/her birthdate, I always ask this, do you know why?
  38. Yes of course! Who doesn’t?
  39. Everytime I can.
  40. Me in future. As a wife, as a housewife, as doctor, and as a working mom.
      Let's try this! Somehow it's fun and made me know myself better. Mmm, make sure your answer is the first thing that popped out on your mind! :) 


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