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Delightful Moments

2 days with two delightful moments :D

So happy met up with my Junior High School besties: Deazy, Alfi a.k.a Cype, Agung, Luthfi a.k.a Cipeng and Pranata a.k.a Oi after a looooong time have not being together.

Let me introduce them:

Luthfi a.k.a Cipeng, Pranata a.k.a Oi, Agung, Deazy

And this, Ketua Multimedia SMA Negeri 2 Bandung: Luthfi Faturrahman a.k.a Cipeng

And this is, The Golfer (Atlit Golf Nasional): Pranata Yassi Tanzila a.k.a Oi

And this, Mantan OSIS SMA Negeri 1 Balikpapan 08/09: Deazy Permata Sari

And this, OSIS SMA Negeri 2 Balikpapan 09/10: Alifa Rahmi a.k.a Cype

And this is, last but not least, my bestie and my boy at the same time, haha: Agung Laksana Dharmantara

So here are what we took:

1st day:29 December 2009

Went to Luthfi's house when he just reached house from Bandung. Gave him a smiley surprise, a warm welcome, and laugh laugh laugh. So sad we didn't take any picture at all. But yes, we spent 3 hours in Luthfi's bedroom for laughing, laughing, and laughing. St…

exquisite line

Got an exquisite line from Kezia Gabriella Agusta, and my pleasure to put it here :) Thank you Gaaaaaab :) I did not translate them to english, in order to not make it meaningless

mereka tidak perlu tahu siapa yang "bersinar"
karena siapapun yang "terlihat" belum tentu punya sinar yang sebenernya
tapi seringkali sinar itu tidak kita lihat
tapi yang jadi trendsetter itu hati kamu, loyalitas kamu, idealisme kamu
so, let your heart always shining, even they never notice it
but at the end, you are the one who will bring them to the shine

Ah-meen :)

triple cheese burger

I am bringing you triple cheese burger, triple happiness, triple good news, I did not wish them, I did not expect them, I did not predict them. But they came unpredictably, they came surprisingly, and yes, triple happiness, a super yayness! A kazilion Alhamdulillah ya Rabb :)

Here are the cheeses:

1. Me, Angga Dwi Martha, Kezia Gabriella, Felicia Lentini, and Sharima Umaya built IYCers last Saturday, December 12, 2009. It is about a group for anyone who has passion for IYC. Anyone interest? See the complete post here :) Join us!

2. GoGirl! Magazine sent me a swatch arlogy. Actually it is a present from a quiz I sent. Soooo surprising! I called by a guy from TIKI JNE and he said that he has a packet for me from a magazine, GoGirl! Magazine. Err... what?! what?! GoGirl magazine?! I expected it is a swatch arlogy, and yes, it is! So happy it comes in blue, my favorite color :)

3. I was laughing with Agung this evening, then found an envelope in front of my door. Surprisingly it is a letter f…

A letter to my beloved

I just gave a package to Agung, and this letter comes with the present

This package is less expensive than what you have been given to me

This package is not as precious as your love that come and go with the sure and steady

This package is not what you dream, but this is what I decided

This package is not your birthday present, but it's a present to your great final test scores, make sure everything is okay to Ayah and Bunda, dear...

With Love,
Annisa Zakiroh Hope you like them, dear :DD


"Stop saying 'alay' because that's just who I am"

-- Alanda Kariza