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"A winner never quit, a quitter never win"

-- My debate mate (Ekky) told me :)


Last sunday was sooo cool :) Last sunday was sooo crowd :) Last sunday, I held a booth of Indonesian Youth Conference on Closing Ceremony SMANSA CUP. Here are some pictures of the IYC booth :)

See all pictures of the IYC booth here

And I just want to tell you that I'm happy :DD And the IYC committees appreciate what I did :DD

Feeling so honor

Looked at this status on Indonesian Youth Conference's facebook and twitter, makes me feeling so honor :))))))) Can't describe the feeling well :p But feeling soooo happy, thank you thank you thank you :)

Hi fellas, have a great day, wish me luck for Sunday :))


"A debater will never be a loser"

-- Mrs. Hariati (my english teacher & my debate coach :D)

Black Ribbon

Hi guys, did you band a black ribbon on your left arm on 2-10 November? My friend and I did, and these are the pics

Oh yeah, I did not wear on my left arm, but I wore on my left wrist. Because... I think it will be too 'WOW' if I wear on my left arm.

And, I still support KPK, support and pray, instead talking too much about something I am not expert, or talking too much to mocking.

Have a nice day, God always with you :)

Social Interview

I don't know why, but I got addicted to Social Interview on Facebook
I love it, it stimulates me to think about something rarely to think
And here are some of the interviews :)

Oh yeah, by answering the interview, I am, I am, I am in love with my self, my surrounds, more and more ;)

KPK (Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi)

The biggest recent issue in Indonesia is about KPK (Komisi Pemberantas Korupsi) versus POLRI (Polisi Republik Indonesia)

Even I am not expert at politic, I am not good enough 'bout understanding politic, but I am Indonesian, I am youth, and you, who are reading this post, try to do this

Yes we are citizen. Yeah maybe some of you and I can't do anything big, so please band a black ribbon on your left arm. Maybe this could not help Mr. Bibit and Mr. Chandra at all, but please do something, if you care :))

Or you can join this

Or download 'KPK di Dadaku' song by Slank, Fariz RM, Once 'DEWA' and many more here

Oh come on, do something :))


"This is life: take a chance, cross a challenge with a beautiful maneuver , overtake the other challenger, not to be #1, but for the pride"

-- Wieditha Yudha Ramadhan (my friend :D)


It's official!

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