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Last Sunday, October 18th 2009, I attended an art event that held by Students' Organization of SMA Negeri 2 Balikpapan. Here are some photos of the event

1. The carpet

2. Boys and girls as model from SMA Negeri 2 (I know the boy one, he is Djator ;D )

3. The gate

4. The tribune

5. The stage

6. The merchandise

Mine and Agung's

7. Performance by my friend (Yuntari), oh proud of you sis ;))

8. Choir by SMA Negeri 2

9. Opening by Moury Band from Balikpapan *kau sakiti aku untuk kesekian kali, lalu kau bilang maaf ;p*

10. And the guest star: LYLA *mantan kekasihku... jangan kau lupakan aku... ;p*

11. Me and my dear fellas

Sate and Me ;)

Ayu and Me ;D

Furo, Me, Nurul

What a lovely day ;))

IYC Merchandise

For Balikpapan citizen, order these gorgeous pins from Indonesian Youth Conference through me ;))

Choose your favorite, it might be one, two, three, four, or more, and simply contact me through this blog, or YM: annisa_blackmurder, or facebook: Annisa Zakiroh

Have a great day fellas :)


I'm bringing a good news for you guys, oh actually good news for me ;))

This announcement published on Gaul Tabloid number 40 year VIII/19-25 October 2009

See my name on 21st? Oh yeah, I am one of 50 nominees Lomba Cipta Cerpen Gaul. Sooooo happy yay yay!

And now, I am waiting the big 20 and the big 6 announcement on the next edition. Wish me luck guys ;))

Adam 'Owl City' Young

Picture from here

Gege said to me that Adam Young isn't enough handsome, but for me he is so effortlessly cool ;))

become fan of Adam here

*If ten million Fireflies ... I must be in California ... If you're the bird, whenever we pretend it's summer ... Hello Seattle I am a mountaineer* His songs buzzing my mind ;p

advertisement assignment

I got a new assignment, it is about making an advertisement board. And I have to make a 'MILK' advertisement board.

Because my teacher asked me and my friends to design our own product, I made my own soy milk with fruity flavors. And I am searching the best packaging for my product, which one the best?

picture from here

picture from here

picture from here

picture from here picture from here

Which one the best? I need a slim packaging, a colorful packaging, because in my concept, this soy milk going for teens.

Last but not least, which one the suitable one?

Owl City

I am falling in love with

I've been listening to the songs over and over lately, especially Hello Seattle

Actually, Owl City only consisting by one talented man, Adam Young, but in perform, he also brings Austin Tofte andMatt Decker

visit them here, their myspace, their twitter, their fanpage on Facebook


Giovanny Sumeinar

If I ever posted something about my so-called lil' brother Benarivo, now I post something about Gege

Thanks soooooooooooo much Ge ;))


"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted"

-- kaWanku magazine no. 56 page 24

just want to tell the world that

"I miss my 2nd October and Ramadhan month"

Hopefully I may meet them next year ;D

Batik Indonesia

2nd October, my birthday
2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday
2nd October,

"the date when UNESCO will officially announce Batik Indonesia as the world cultural heritage of humanity from Indonesia"
And this is my tribute, I sent these to Indonesia Youth Conference committees

They would make a video from many photos of people wearing Batik Indonesia ;))

And this is 'their' tribute

picture from here ;D

just want to tell the world that

I would happy to have this as my birthday gift ;)) *ngareeepppp*

But I hope they come in red ;D

I am 16 years old ;D

Today is the day when 2nd October repeated 16 times in my life.
Today is the day when happiness buzzing me much ;))
Today is the day when the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' greeting comes
Today is the day when my wall on my facebook full of 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'
Today is the day when people shaking my hand sooo often
And today is the day when I turn to 16, even I love my 15 ;))

I've passed 16 years in my life
Dropped the tears
Punched a big laugh
Had fun with people surround me
Did a reflection
Prayed to my supreme God, Allah SWT

Oh stop I can't write words again, but yes I am happy, I am so happy
Thank's for my parent, my siblings, and my fellas ;))

I am dropping my tears when I read their 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' :))