Wednesday, September 30, 2009


1. First of all, Happy Ied 1430 H all! And this is my wishes that I sent to my friends with my facebook (not all), and now I am sending this to you all ;))

AVADA KEDAVRA to kill faults and sins
EXPECTO PATRONUM to chase bad attitude
ALOHOMORA to open our heart and accept apologize
AGUAMENTI to clean our heart
REPARO to make our self better and
LUMOS to shine our way to Allah's heaven

try those Harry Potter's magic words and get your wonderful Ied
Happy Ied 1430 H ;D

Annisa Zakiroh and family ;))

I had a big gathering with my family at the 1st day
I stayed at home at the 2nd day
My family and I had a trip to Sanga-sanga at the 3rd day, what a lovely <3> It is an original t-shirt from DAGADU and a small bag ;)) thanks dear

4. I bought a gladiator sandal from WhattoWear Store, and this is my first online shopping ;D

5. I love my parent, my siblings, my boy, my fellas: Dhea, Cype, Cipeng, Oi ;D

6. I have alot of to-do-list, and I'll start them one by one ;)))

just want to tell the world that INDONESIA HAS EARTHQUAKE AGAIIIIIIN!!!

@NewsFirst: A major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.9 has struck southern Sumatra, Indonesia according to the USGS.

@BreakingNews: Reuters: The 7.9-magnitude earthquake off Sumatra has damaged houses and bridges, and caused fires in the city of Padang.

@CNN: RT: cnnbrk Strong earthquake jolts Indonesia


@BreakingNews: Tsunami watch issued for Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia after a powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake off Sumatra.

@NewsFirst: URGENT -- Tsunami watch issued for Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia after earthquake off Sumatra: PTWC

I copied them from my twitter ;(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Ten Inspiring People

1. Prophet Muhammad SAW
2. My parent, my siblings, my sister in law
3. Soe Hok Gie
4. Christian Sugiono
5. Alanda Kariza
6. Diana Rikasari
7. ...
8. ...
9. ...
10. ...

And Alanda is Indonesian Youth Conference's program director. All guys above are sooooooo adorable!
Indonesian Youth Conference

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


(click to a larger view)

After sent an e-mail, after waited for the loooooooong attachment on yahoo, after checked my accounts (facebook, friendster, twitter), after after and after, and this e-mail attacked me, and I am soooooooooooo happy. C'mon c'mon support for IYC. And let's work ;D

Indonesian Youth Conference

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Strong Yellow

I've told you before that I have an english assignment. And this is my essay, enjoy!

The Strong Yellow

My self keeps developing since first I met this wonderful world, and I feel so blessed to have this exquisite life. In my elementary school, my dream is just about to be a doctor. And my life is just about study and get best mark at school, so then I get price and praise. In my junior high school, my dreams developed, they are about social volunteer, author, poet, but still doctor. And my life not only about get best mark at school, or praised by everyone with my achievements; but it changed to care my surround, giving knowledge, changing this awful world, and dare my self to be different. Now, in my senior high school, my dreams are not to be an ordinary, not be a rich employee, not to be a success businesswoman, not to be a well-known doctor, but my dream is about being someone who can treat my surround well, and do something to make a change in this world. So, in my life now not just about being success and rich, but I have to being someone who did something to this world, not only talk without action, I have to change the paradigm, that happy is not being rich, smart, success, or well-known; but in my opinion happy is being close to my surround, cure my environment, and being a part of making better this world.

Many colors have painted on my life canvas. In my elementary, the colors are just about black, white, red, blue, and yellow; just the primary colors, just the strong colors. In my junior high school, my canvas has improved and added by green, orange, and violet; the secondary colors have come, and I knew that the strong colors have combined each others. And now in my senior high school, my canvas is full-fill with many colors; gray, brown, peach, pink, light blue, light yellow, and so on; the tertiary colors painted my canvas well. Actually, each one of the colors brings unpredictable things, each one of the colors is a new thing that easily painted on my canvas, each one of the colors is a developing state to my self, and each one of the colors has painted by someone. White from my supreme God Allah SWT, black from the evil, red from my parent, blue from my siblings, yellow from my surrounds, and so on. And now, in this present, those colors have combined each others and become new colors on my canvas. It means that many things in my life inter-influenced each others. And the most powerful color on my canvas that has influenced another color is yellow. As I mentioned before, that yellow has painted by my surround, and the strongest person who has painted that yellow is a person I adore much: SOE HOK GIE.

Soe Hok Gie was an activist who demonstrated against tyranny and communism in the 1960s. He was also a writer and a man who loved being closer to nature.

I firstly met this unbelievable guy from Fahd Djibran’s book: Revolusi Sekolah (School’s Revolution) at my junior high school. I attacked by his quotes. Then I went to search engine and found many things of him. I attacked by his quotes, so then I sought others. I knew he is a writer, so then I bought his books. I knew a movie titled Gie, so then I watched. I knew he loved to writing an essay, so then I read, and keep reading until now. I knew he loved nature, so then I am being closer to nature. I knew he died at Semeru Mountain, so then I have a dream to meet his death monument.

In the beginning, I love his way of thinking. I love his point of view of something. It is an awesome when I knew that he is a protester. In my opinion, protester is someone who has a different way of thinking about something and he/she will fighting for his/her thinking, included being rebel. From this, I learned that in this life, we should being different from others, we should not follow the bad, but we have to making better the good. Then, I surprised by knowing that he is a Chinese-Indonesian. How could a Chinese-Indonesian being an Indonesian protester? How could a Chinese-Indonesian fighting for Indonesia’s sake? And, he showed me the nationalism that I never see before. Next, he loved being closer to nature, it was a new for me. And it made realize about the nature, about this earth, why we have to care the earth?, why we have to be closer to nature?, and it’s really changed my way of thinking. He attacked me with his words. It made me dizzy. It stimulated me. Oh yes, he gave many things, even I never meet him and won’t meet him because he has died, but actually he has influenced me with his words, and absolutely, he inspired me.

Now, the yellow combined with red becomes orange, yellow combined with white becomes light yellow, yellow combined with violet becomes brown, yellow combined with green becomes light green, yellow combined with orange becomes light orange, and you know that yellow making another color lighter. The strong yellow has influenced other colors. And Soe Hok Gie has influenced another side of my life. For me, absolutely he is a leader and he able to inspire others. For me, he is not just my inspiration, but he is my idol, my role of thinking, my filter, and my close friend. He smart, he was not enough clever, but he was smart. I know that I have inspired by many persons, included my parent, my siblings, and absolutely my friends. But the strongest person, the strong yellow is SOE HOK GIE.

Balikpapan, September 6th 2009

Annisa Zakiroh

Friday, September 04, 2009


Kalau kau tak sanggup menjadi beringin yang tegak dipuncak bukit
Jadilah saja belukan
Tapi belukan terbaik yang tumbuh ditepi danau
Kalau kau tak sanggup menjadi belukan
Jadilah saja rumput
Tapi rumput yang memperkuat tanggul pinggiran jalan
Tidak semua jadi kapten
Tentu harus ada awak kapalnya
Bukan besar kecilnya tugas yang menjadikan tinggi rendahnya nilai dirimu
Jadilah saja dirimu, sebaik-baiknya dirimu sendiri

-- Soe Hok Gie

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I just posted

Teman-teman, tolong isi online survey IYC ini ya: Terima kasih banyak atas partisipasinya! Tolong ajak teman-teman kamu yang lain untuk isi juga ya :)

To my 80 friends' wall and more with my FACEBOOK


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Assignment

I got new English assignment. It is about:

'An example of a good leader is someone who is able to inspire others. Can you write about someone who has inspired you in your life and how?'

Absolutely he/she is : SOE HOK GIE

good night Mr. Gie. I miss you. Rest in peace :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

an Interview

Just finished an interview for Indonesian task between me and my chairmate in my class ;D

Annisa Zakiroh

Tujuan : Mengetahui cara/persiapan untuk cita-cita masa depan

Bagaimana perasaan anda ketika sudah menginjak kelas sebelas?
=Saya merasa tantangan dalam hidup saya semakin besar, semakin banyak, semakin banyak, semakin menguji, dan semakin membuat saya menjadi seseorang yang menghargai dan berusaha memenangi kompetisi dalam hidup ini.

Apa cita-cita anda/arah tujuan hidup anda sekarang?
=Cita-cita saya menjadi seorang pembicara, menjadi seorang aktivis lingkungan, atau menjadi relawan untuk kepentingan sosial maupun lingkungan. Sementara tujuan hidup saya adalah menjadi seseorang yang berguna, bernilai, dan dihargai oleh sekeliling saya dengan apa yang telah dan bisa saya lakukan.

Sejak kapan anda memiliki cita-cita tersebut?
=Saya memiliki cita-cita tersebut sejak saya duduk di Sekolah Menengan Pertama, dan terus berkembang sampai sekarang.

Mengapa anda memilih cita-cita tersebut?
=Saya memilih cita-cita tersebut, karena menurut saya profesi tersebut adalah profesi yang sangat cocok dengan kemampuan dan kepribadian saya; dan juga karena saya ingin memiliki profesi yang tidak hanya menghasilkan uang ketika saya bekerja nanti; tapi juga menghasilkan sesuatu yang tidak ternilai dengan uang, namun bisa dinikmati oleh orang banyak.

Dimanakah anda ingin melanjutkan pendidikan anda yang mendukung cita-cita anda?

=Saya ingin melanjutkan pendidikan ke London School of Public Relation, Komunikasi di Universitas Padjadjaran, Teknik Lingkungan di Institut Teknologi Bandung atau Universitas Indonesia, atau Hubungan Internasional.

Siapa yang menginspirasi anda untuk mengambil cita-cita tersebut?
=Seseorang yang sangat menginspirasi saya adalah Soe Hok Gie. Beliau seorang aktivis mahasiswa yang cerdas, seorang mahasisiwa yang memang tidak pintar secara akdemis tetapi memiliki pemikiran yang cerdas, segar, dan mendalam. Beliau begitu mengagumkan dengan gerakan dan pemikiran yang selalu ingin keluar dari hal-hal yang biasa; dan juga selalu ingin menjadi seseorang yang berbeda dan berguna.

wish all my dreams come true ;D

the English translation will coming soon ;)