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To do list

Subject : Join Blog Competition Make Your Voice Heard by Indonesian Youth Conference
Date : August 31st 2009
Priority: High

Wish me luck guys :) For complete information, click here


Benarivo asked me to put his name as a title in one of my posting. Oh yes, he is my super number one friend, and found my self is still talking with him by phone is an awful! A.U.T.T.I.S miss YOU!

Yeah, are you satisfy Ben? ;P

what I did

Oh yes dear, now I am making many flanel brooches, and sell them to my friends. It seems like I am trying to be a businesswoman in my future (LOL!). Okay, but I earned almost one hundred thousand rupiahs in five days. What a WOW!

These are what I made, they come in many colors that you can choose and order. You may choose color of flanel you want, and you may choose color of button you love too.

C'mon order them all! Match with your outfit and be proud!

And I really love these shoes. Wondershoe by Diana Rikasari.

(Image by Wondershoe)

Image by Diana Rikasari's blog

Image by Diana Rikasari's blog

I think, wear them at Idul Fitri will be perfect :) I really want to owning them. Anyone?

Have a great fasting fellas :)

just want to tell the world that

Now I am soooo busy. I have manything that I want to share, but I don't have enough time to prepare and post them.

Talk to you later, guys :)


"Memelukmu, itulah cintaku"

-- William Shakespear

Debate Competition

Yesterday, I had first round of debate Competition at my school. And today, I had the second and third round of Debate Competition at my school. Such a really painful activity. But yes, feeling so honor.

My notebook's webcam has been able to use. And I got addict with it. Can't stop taking picture, even the adjudicators was giving review about the debate. My team won the first and the second round, and got tie in the third round.

Oh, feeling so full: rebuttal, definition, background, team line, team split, first speaker, second speaker, third speaker, affirmative, opposite, motion, The house would bla bla bla, the house believes that bla bla bla.

Sorry for not bringing you any pictures about my competition, but I'll try to post tomorrow. Fellas, please pray for me. Tomorrow will be the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth round. Hopefully, my team become the winner :)

Bye all, have a great classmeeting on your school :)

just want to tell the world that

I really miss blogging. See you this evening :)


I just found this wall magazine at my school. And I was surprised when I saw my name on it. I was sooooo surprised when I saw my poem on it. OMG!!!

FYI, Akulah Bumimu (I'm your earth) is the first winner of Poem Competition that held by Students' Organization (OSIS) SMANZA last year.

I am so sad. Oh yeah my English isn't good enough to tell my feeling well, but yes, I just want to tell the world that I am sad :(
Bye people, have a nice weekend!

just want to tell the world that

I am trying to treat my surround well, and please give me chance :)


I decided to join the competition that held by kaWanku to celebrate their birthday. They have 21 coupons of many precious presents, and even they allowed us to send many coupons, I decided to choose just five coupons to get my favorite present.

Although the deadline day is still on August 23rd, 2009, but I'll sent these tomorrow

Last week is the most unpredictable week. Death of Mbah Surip and W. S. Rendra, attack on Temanggung and Jatiasih Bekasi, Noordin M. Top, and so on from Indonesia.

Hey, have you meet this?

It has been spread since August 10th, 2009. And I met it this morning from my friend.

Today, I did chemistry test, I think it would be success :)
Because I have studied for six hours.

And my precious thing for this latest time is:

Oh yeah, I'm still in a big doubt. I love you fellas, but I don't know how to treat you all well :(

bye all, have a nice day :)


I've prepared manythings on my mind that I want to share with you all. But this weekend, I got many assignments, homeworks, soooo ooooon, so I didn't post any good story to my blog.

I found this kinda fun from twitter -again- :)

(click image for a larger view)
I am struggling with my life. I got many tasks, problems, bad day, and my friends didn't treat me well like I hope :(

Okay, that's all for now. And I'll post something tomorrow :)

I love my fellas, I love my fellas, I love you fellas, but I don't know how to treat you well :(

just want to tell the world that

I am in big doubt :(

just want to tell the world that

I really miss my Junior High School's friends. Especially for one of my super number one best friend that has changed to a very different person :(


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

-- John Lennon - Imagine

Mbah Surip

I am so sad :(

Yesterday afternoon, Debbie told me that Mbah Surip died.
First impression is: shock.

Then I know that it isn't a gossip, yeah it's real.

I am so sad :(

I am not his big fan, but why I'm feeling so sad. Watched many videos of him, listened to his songs, saw his photos, make me cry.

I didn't cry when I heard about Michael Jackson's death.
I didn't change my status as my tribute to Michael Jackson.
I didn't tweet anything about Michael Jackson.
It is because I didn't know him well.

But Mbah Surip. I know his songs. My nephews love his songs. My dad sings his song everyday. My mom likes him.

And Mbah Surip becomes trending topic on Twitter.

(click image for a larger view)

My friends changed their status as their tribute to Mbah Surip.

And I, I changed my status three times to show my tribute to him.

(click image for a larger view)

My boy and I just want to tell the world that "I Love You Full Mbah... Rest In Peace"


"Lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan."

-- Soe Hok Gie


Yesterday, SMANZA team (6 buses) and I went to Samarinda to see final match of DBL (Deteksi Basketball League) in GOR Segiri.

After stood up queue for a long time, I got stamp on my hand, and my friend -who didn't wear veil- got her stamp on her neck.

In front of the gate, the police frisked everyone. People who brought mineral water bottle, they should pour the water into a plastic bag. I brought my winnie the pooh lovely bottle, and the police asked me to pour the water inside my winnie the pooh bottle to the plastic bag and he asked me to leave my lovely bottle in front of the gate. Uh I was so sad at that time.

Then, after entered the stadium, the supporter committee of SMANZA team gave all supporters a lovely mask and a blue ballon. And the DBL committe gave us clap ballon (is it the best translate of 'balon tepuk'? :))) uh what a nice :)

I didn't bring you any good pictures cause I didn't bring the high resolution camera. Yes, I just want to give you a picture th…
"I know why women choose bad news before good news. It's because woman loves happy ending"

-- So Yi Jung said to Chu Ga Eul (Boys Before Flowers)


"Bagiku ada sesuatu yang paling berharga dan hakiki dalam kehidupan ini, yaitu dapat mencintai, dapat merasakan iba hati, dan dapat merasakan kedukaan. Tanpa itu semua maka rasanya kita tidak lebih dari benda mati, maka berbahagialah orang yang masih merasakan dan mempunyai cinta dan belum sempat kehilangan rasa yang paling bernilai itu karena jika kita benar-benar kehilangan rasa itu maka absurd-lah hidup kita."

--Soe Hok Gie