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Like everyone talking about, I'm talking about. Yes, TWITTER

I found these kinda fun and lovely design

(click image for a larger view)

(click image for a larger view)

Even in error, they played a very entertaining picture :)))

And today, I've voted Komodo Island to be new 7 wonders in the world. I also voted for the best island that I ever saw, Maldives.

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(click image for a larger view)

Please vote Komodo Island to be new 7 wonders in the world by click here.

Good night fellas, bye :))


"If you are Agnes Monica wannabe, you'll never grow bigger nor better than Agnes Monica"

--Ahmad Dhani


"I’m happy, not because my life is perfect, but because I everyday strive to reach perfection. And my definition of perfection, keeps changing everyday."

--Diana Rikasari

Marina Natural competiton's winner WANNABE

Today, after school, I went to KFC to prepare manything about my competition with Agung. FYI, I decided to join a competition that held by Marina Natural that ask every girl in Indonesia to do something to our earth. They ask every girl in Indonesia to write her idea into two sentences + a photo of our action and send it to the competition's committee. The prize is sooooo big. That's way I really prepare this competition well. But like another competition before, I sent them in the deadline day, yeah I know that's kinda bad habit. And I'll send the two sentences with the photo tomorrow, 30 July: the deadline day. hahaha

After a long discussion, we decided to take the photoshoot in that place. I thought that we were sooo noisy at the corner of that place. and after many photos taken by him, we decided to use this photo for my competition:

FYI, my idea is: to re-use the old crayon from many kindergarten, playgroup, or elementary school with re-mold them all. And I re-mold…

Update from the past

It has been a long time that I didn't post anything to my blog. And now I want to tell many things that happened at that long time:

1. The Twilight Saga has reached my house. And of course I am happy and feeling so honored :)

2. My little friend, Benarivo, has moved to Tangerang :( For me, he is my super number one favorite, and I called him as my younger brother, cause I really don't have younger brother nor younger sister. Please don't forget us Ben! :)

3. After winning the Marina UV White competition and win a packet (4 books) Twilight novels, I won as the lucky voters on I got money. They have announced on July 7th, but until now I didn't get any notification from them, although I've sent an e-mail about my prize to (the official e-mail of okay, I just hope that the prize will be there on my bank account immediately. Here is the announcement:

(click image for a larger view)

4. My holiday g…

my boy

I really miss my boy and I really admire his mustache

I love you more and more ;)

J. W. Marriot-Ritz Carlton

I dedicate this writing to the victims of J. W. Marriot-Ritz Carlton bombing.
I don’t know exactly how to describe my feelings.
I heard the bombing when I just reached my house from school. Friday July 17th 2009, 01:30 p.m. First impression is: SO SAD.
Then I completely watched, heard, and saw the bombing on Saturday July 18th 2009. I watched television along my afternoon. And yes of course, I cried.
My questions to the bomber are: What’s your purpose? And do you get what do you want? Are you satisfied with disorder condition that you make?
I don’t know how to tell my sadness exactly.
But please be patient, be careful, and pray to our beloved God.